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capabilities_list_iconCapabilities and Services

Lumenory provides the complete service set for any lighting project, whether simple, complex, small, or large.  We provide professional advice, customized designs and sales on:

  • new construction projects
  • major remodeling of premises
  • upgrades to existing lighting systems

Our highly experienced team of custom design lighting artisans will guide you through all aspects of any lighting project including:

  • Development of custom art lighting
  • Lay out design
  • Landscape lighting design
  • Lighting sales

We work with you both on site and off site for the whole process.

While we are a lighting consulting, design and sales firm, over the years we have built excellent working ties with several electrical companies who have a proven track record in lighting installation. As such, we are able to negotiate and secure complete set of lighting installation services with trusted electricians and develop package price deals on behalf of our clients.

ourapproach_list_iconOur Approach

We stand out from the crowd by being genuine about giving you the best in cost and service quality. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a complete range of design services, while still bringing a flexible and cost-effective approach to lighting projects.

Whether you are a homeowner, architect, interior designer, or landscape designer – if you are looking for a lighting designer to interpret your vision and bring a unique artistic approach to lighting installation projects for you and your clients, then Lumenory should be your first choice.

artArtistry and Expertise

We are highly experienced in working with different architectural styles including:

  • bio-design
  • classic/traditional
  • contemporary
  • early American
  • eclectic
  • European
  • transitional

We work with well-known  and unknown styles, including one-off complex designs that make unique artistic statements. If you are looking for a great modern art installation and not just a light fixture, we can make it happen for you.


For over 9 years, Lumenory has been a force in the design and customization of elegant lighting solutions for an extensive and varied range of clients and premises. From individual homes and small offices through to large residential complexes and commercial premises, we have the passion, expertise and vision to bring any lighting project to life.

Blending artistry with the latest technology and trends, Lumenory’s expert design services place us at the forefront of lighting design, consulting and sale firms. Our primary consultant Yuriy Povolotskiy, has over 15 years of experience within the lighting industry and is zealous about meeting client expectations and delivering quality custom design solutions.

Our portfolio showcases the depth of our expertise and professional services. Our experience ranges across single-family homes, condominium communities, commercial and medical offices and the hospitality sector.


contact_list_iconContact Us

For professional advice about any aspect of lighting design, fixtures, fittings or sales contact Lumenory for an obligation free estimate.

Call us at (847) 347-3232 or email at info@lumenory.com for the start of your brilliant new lighting solution.

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